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Open letters to Geometry Dash peeps (Rant #2?)

2017-07-29 10:21:21 by DoubleDenial



I am a GD player, but I joined and defended Newgrounds first, and... You just want to see the point, so I'll make this quick. Basically, I took different GDP's posts from Troisnyx's post, and put them to the test. This was not meant to spread hate, and was supposed to show NGP's feelings. Also, @Troisnyx (shameless attempt, it will put it in Troisnyx's inbox now >:D) commented on the last rant-ish/explanation thing, so maybe they'll see this one. But, now I'll get to the point. Do NOT hate on any people here, and keep in mind the post dates, please.



POSTER: @ZinkoDruru

POST DATE: Jan 30, 2017

NOTE: Lots of yes, buts here, and I had a better version, but my computer was sucky and I lost it


"Looking back at what you guys said,it's just dumb. Guess what? NG doesn't have ad revenue,which makes this whole thing hilarious. And Geometry Dash is only there because people want to play a game,not because they want to steal songs."

1. Yes, NG does, and you do too.

2. Yes, but when they want to use more options, they end up stealing.


"If you think this'll stop people stealing songs and uploading them here,that just makes things more laughable. Do you understand how ridiculous you sound now?"

Yes, theoretically, but until 1.9, we had no music problems, really.


"When RobTop added custom songs,people were actually reviving this site. You guys barely even care about this fact,the petition is more important."

Yes, theoretically, but we have Alien Hominid, Super Meat Boy, and The Binding of Isaac.


"Copyrighted material uploaded here could still be uploaded by people EVEN WITHOUT THE GAME."

"Yes, theoretically, but until 1.9, we had no music problems, really."


"There's no point in just getting this game out of the store,just like you're just doing. It's really dumb,and there's no real aim for this."

Yes there is, You even addressed it yourself.


"I understand the harassing situations,especially with @Xtrullor since he explained it to us. Us players who have an actual brain and know how to use it properly understood the situation and I actually wanna give him a hand,but I wouldn't really make a difference."

Yes, but wasn't there the... uhh... Xtrullor incident. WAIT A MINUTE. XTRULLOR'S NAME IS LINKED. HE WILL SEE THIS. What ever. Take this lightly, please.


"Ever wonder why GD makes people popular when a level blows up? We only have NG as the source of music for custom songs."

1. No, because it's obvious.

2. Not usually, actually.

3. Yes, what is your point?


"The petition is just dumb. Removing a game because of some copyrighted material?"

"Some" copyrighted material. "SOME?" Really? You know that's like, the #1 reason even developers here have game problems, so I know it's not just "SOME" problem.


"If this petition completely succeeds,you should explain to me why is the How To series by GHS removed from NG,when that's actually a remake/cover."

It never did, but anyway...

It literally has the original song in the background. At least piano covers replaced a channel with piano playing.


"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't YOU who ruined this update."

WE'RE not doing this. Your friends are submitted copyrighted stuff. WE don't really have anything to do with this.

Refering to MYSELF with capitals is fun. I should do this to MYSELF more often.


"Don't be selfish and destroy other people's actual wish to play this game"

I wish to be happy while playing GD, but people like you make ME sad to be in the community because it makes ME look bad.


Okay I'll stop.


"some copyrighted material"

So- Oh never mind...


"Celebrating over a 4-dollar game's removal is actually pretty stupid,these are my raw words in this sentence."

Getting mad over a 4-dollar game's removal is actually pretty stupid,these are my raw words in this sentence.



POST DATE: Jan 30, 2017

NOTE: I don't know. Is it weird how GD is being treated like a person.


"Rest in Peace GD, 2013-2017, my favourite game that i poured so much time, energy and effort in, i guess it is all crumbling down now, and the severe actions of a few can have such dire, dire consequences on the many (this works both ways btw)... i was starting to get so good, I was practicing Supersonic, hell maybe even beat it... i have plans to beat a demon on the list this year, my GD career would've started to take off, but alas, all my dreams and ambitions have been shattered. You NG community guys probably think i am a sad pathetic lonely nolifer spending so much time on a simple rhythm skill platform game, and you are probably right, but i enjoyed it so much, i loved the game. I understand why it has to be deleted, our community is toxic, I know, and we shouldn't deserve a game as good as it... but... idk. but one thing is for certain, when I load a game of league, or start up Osu!, or log into that WoW character, i will always think "I wish i was playing Geometry Dash right now", and i will sigh, maybe cry, and get on with making my existence just that little more exciting, which, from now on, will be so, sooo much more difficult.

Rest in Peace, Geometry Dash, i appreciate everything you did as a game, and the people iv'e met through you greatly, and i will hold these precious memories with me forever

Love, now and always, Stir Fry"

This is fine and all, but you probably didn't check wherever you put GD on his computer, because when a game is removed, it stays on your computer.


POSTER: @Krazyman50

POST DATE: Jan 30, 2017

NOTE: :0 hey can i be in an vid pls

"Well, I was with NG on this one, but the majority of behavior from both sides at this point is just infantile. I'm ashamed."



POSTER: @lchavasse


NOTE: He made Lunar Abyss...

"Geometry Dash brought a lot of exposure to my stuff and a lot of other artists on this site :p I understand the negatives but you should look at the positives too. (though i will say i have gotten a lot of "duelo maestro" spam xp)"

I think this is kinda what is the best scenario for GD musicians,

I want to end this conclusively, but I'm tired. Don't kill me for my opinion, I guess.


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2017-07-29 12:29:02

Wow, that Zinko guy/girl really has no idea what's going on.

DoubleDenial responds:

To be fair, though, they are a musician themself on NG, but I still don't think they know why we
to defend NG. I would like to also mention Etzer, but I got tired.