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I have absolutely nothing to do, so here's a quote from a tutorial I'm working on

2017-07-03 22:30:06 by DoubleDenial

(this is from a "newspaper clipping" in a Flash tutorial you're not supposed to read. The -'s are where it gets cut off)

"Potatoes deserve to live like people because they are people. Studies show that people eat potatoes 3 times-
That is unacceptable. People do this because they are unaware potatoes are living. Studies also show tha-
have eyeballs. This further proves potatoes have lives. However, we are not alone in this battle.

The PETP (people for the ethical treatment of potatoes) agree that
potatoes are indeed lifeforms, and shall be treated as such. NOMCO,
the company behind Puck-Man have been accused of making their
character (Puck-Man) eat potatoes. NOMCO responded by saying
that their game is actually about eating blueberries, which only
angered PSEB (people who want you to STOP EATING BLUEBERRIES) while PETP was not convinced. PETP sent a lawsuit, and made a parody game (Murder-Man) to fight back. This is now a bestseller.

In conclusion, STAHP DEM POTATOES. I don't actually care about
blueberries that much. Crap, don't tell PSEB. Anyway, PETP's cool, we're cool, potato eaters suck, and you-"


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