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Nineteen Fans? (wipw 10)

2017-10-15 20:59:16 by DoubleDenial

Wow, I'm so great I'm so great

Stop it I'm too great to be measured by a feeble number

Okay that's the end of this boring and pointless self-centered post l:

(Almost) New Animation, Y'all!

2017-10-14 12:35:17 by DoubleDenial

I finally did it!

By the way, the animation I needed actors for, I decided to quit. I'm working on a new one now!

Not excited? Am I a bad animator? Well, you're probably right, but here are some screenshots with NEW and IMPROVED art design.


(: How do you like it? Looks better than my stuff on here so far, in my opinion!

Update: The first three letters of the name are the same as my very THIRD submission. (this includes audio, art, and games, so check the dates!)

And before I end this update, you could check out my new audio submission here.

Okay, that's all I wanted to mention.

Boring Post

2017-10-04 20:03:35 by DoubleDenial

Currently sitting at a fat loading screen with nothing to do ):

Making something now

2017-09-24 21:18:44 by DoubleDenial

Heyo! I'm finally making a new Flash! I just need better voice actors. Better than me, at least.

HTML Learning

2017-09-15 14:38:08 by DoubleDenial


You know how I hate HTML5? HTML (5 included :P) is fine by me, it's just that unless it changes everything it is, it's not going to be "the new flash" or "the new unity" or any of that crap

Really though

Adobe Animate is the new flash

Think about that

Anyway, back to seriousness (and back on the topic) I am coding up a poor excuse for a website that I don't feel would be important enough to waste money hosting, currently. If you want to know what it is, it's basically a hunk of HTML that would basically say some stuff have news posts and have links to stuff I did and maybe DoesFireBurn's NG or something if they're cool with that

The real reason is so I can talk on a more fitting blue background tbh

This is how good I am at HTML.

(I probably missed typos. I definitely missed typos.)


my logo

2017-09-07 18:48:14 by DoubleDenial

it reminds me of cleod9 too much

i should change it

Random post

2017-09-03 13:35:14 by DoubleDenial

I have a file on my computer called "birdiegoestweettweet.png." It's a variation of my icon. Take a guess at what it is.

I do

and I feel sad

I stopped probably because no one cares

Deal with it.

I'm also working on a flash movie again, finally. It only took me all summer.

Boxes, boxes, too many boxes.

Anyone else considering trying to find a workaround in 2020? For example, finding a browser that supports Flash content? Because I'm considering doing that, somehow. And eventually, I'll have my own website for people who still love Flashes, like me. But that's currently a far off dream.

This is a totally garbage post

Why am I doing this I should be working of Flashes now

Yesterday I realized that @King-Yoshi joined in 2004




enjoy more posts like this in the future

Good thing I won't forget this time around, at least.