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Why can't it be 2008 again

2017-06-23 13:14:39 by DoubleDenial


When you get bored

2017-06-22 12:50:00 by DoubleDenial

So, it's hard not to notice my current inactivity. Don't think I'm working on a big secret, because I'm honestly not. I'm gonna explain with each portal why I'm not uploading.

Games : Games take a lot of time to make, and original ideas for games are even harder. I mean, how long have video games existed for? So many different answers you can choose, it feels like entertainment has gone on forever. I think I have a pretty good grip on AS2, but nothing in that range seems like a fun and interesting idea. I do have one idea that might make it through, but it would be really big, and it shouldn't come soon.

Movies : I really just don't have the motivation to make one. I also need voice acting, which I suck at and I think other people might not understand what I'm going for. I also don't like computer voices. A sequel to Loominatey would fun to make, but it wouldn't take me anywhere I haven't been. Should I try it?

Audio : I always made music as a hobby, and soon I realized that no one cared about my music, because I didn't have the most useful tools. I have an idea, but not the tools. The good things aren't free (the best things in life aren't free if Flash isn't free) and the good free things are usually things like the FL demo, which I can't save with. Anyway, I don't really care. It's just a hobby that won't be useful soon. I haven't even started on my whole intention with uploading. I know my songs aren't masterpieces, but I wanted them to be royalty free and usable by anyone. I was not scouted before... You know, the Geometry Dash incident. That kind of ruins what I wanted. I uploaded after hearing GD youtubers complaining that they had no music to use because they wanted to monetize their videos. So now I just have completely useless songs around my profile that no one wants to use.

Art : I published random Flash crap I drew out of boredom. There are way more talented artists out there. Support them instead.

Because some day, I'll find that free FL Studio alternative I'm looking for.


2017-05-28 12:22:52 by DoubleDenial

What's better to do?



2017-05-21 10:25:27 by DoubleDenial

I'm wasting my precious time on Geometry Dash ):

Hey guys

2017-05-12 21:41:50 by DoubleDenial

If I ever feel like I can draw cute flying cats, I'll work on this again.


(I should've used Zamzar :C)

I'm not dead.

2017-04-16 18:23:47 by DoubleDenial

If you've PMed me, or recently reviewed one of my things, you'd know that. But still, I'm not dead.

I've just been doing stuff. Not really work with Flash. Not really music. Not really art. In fact, since Stupid Compilation came out, I haven't been doing the latter two at all.

Really, I've just been accepting media. Playing GD, watching TV. Why am I doing this buildup? Wait, I was building up to something? Well, I'm not back or anything.



I didn't lie

2017-03-25 14:22:11 by DoubleDenial

I have yet to climb Mt. Everest.

However, the game "Stupid Compilation" is about to be released!

Isn't that exciting?

Well, what if I told you it is 4 animations and one game!

Well then, what if I mentioned there are two secret previews for upcoming games!

All in one!

Get searching (:

no srsly though

here's a picture of a stick getting murdered while you're waiting (drawn with a tool i made in 2013 and now cringe at in 2017)


you're welcome


woah 53 is a big number

im a big poster, i guess